VINCI Education is a pioneer in providing Blended Learning Curriculum, Assessment Tools and Data Analytics for the Early Childhood Education. Incorporating findings from the latest brain science research, and relying on its award winning blended pedagogy, VINCI supports schools and learning centers around the world to create that Happy Environment, maximizing the growth potential of each Child.
Blended Learning
beyond ABC
practices fun
STEM Initiative
Online Preschool
  • Monthly Instruction on Language, Logic & Background Knowledge
  • Syllabus Designed to Meet Public or Private School Standards
  • Individualized Instruction Via Teacher Support
  • Online Parent Portal for Progress Tracking
  • From 2 to 5 Years Toddler PrK & K

Daycare & Schools
  • USA: VINCI Academy, the nation's first full service, blended learning childcare & preschool chain;
  • CANADA: VINCI School, the model school focusing on talent development, using blended pedagogy;
  • CHINA: over 50 premium learning centers serving 50,000 babies and toddlers.
In The Press
"Using VINCI's blended model, Minh-Tram Nguyen, founding principal at EnCompass Academy, is able to make sure..."
Shanghai Education Expo Grand Prize
"VINCI, a safe, child-friendly and technologically advanced early learning system specifically designed for young children" - EdTech Digest
"I only wish that VINCI's competitors would spend as much time developing school software to use on its Tabs." - Scholastic
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