50,000 And Counting

VINCI Education is a global company providing educational services to families with children from infants to school age. Through its owned, co-owned and affiliated schools and learning centers, VINCI Education serves over 50,000 young children world-wide, assisting them grow up happy, confident and capable.


VINCI Education is committed to making a difference in children’s life, maximizing each child’s potential by creating tools and offering education services that are scientific, holistic, experiential, accountable, and relevant to each individual child’s need.

Core Values

1. The Child is Father to the Man

Interestingly, there is a similar saying by the Confucius, who said “from a 3 years old we see the grown-up”. It remarkably coincides with the latest brain science, which tells us that the life-long achievement builds on early foundations, as the brain wires up and grows to 80% of maturity before the child is 5 years old.

2. The Hands Are the Instruments of Man’s Intelligence

Just as our logo which is a child’s hand-print, we believe building our own future through doing. Thus, creating an environment for children to mobilize their senses, to explore and to experiment using their hands is a philosophy implemented in every age segment of VINCI program

3. Excellence Is An Act of Habit

Once a child experiences excellence, he will never accept mediocrity. The excellence, however, is not about being the best, but about being better than self. Helping young children to build that habit of pursuing the excellence is to equip them for a life-long journey of innovation.

STEAMsmall4. STEAM Is The Power

STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Art Math powers the 21st century’s economy. Young children are born scientists and explorers. Research shows 5 month old babies can distinguish quantities. So there is no reason why a 6 year old can’t build a bridge or design an invention.

5. None of Us Is As Smart As All of Us

Collaboration is one of the critical skills for anybody who wants to succeed in today’s global economy. It also implies the respect for differences, and the innovation beyond cultural barrier.


B2014 Education Awardsy the Education Industry:
2014 SIIA CODiE Award for the “Best Game-Based Curriculum”

2014 Tech & Learning the Awards of Excellence
2014 American Business Award Stevie Gold
2013 EDDIE Award by CompuED Gazette

By the Consumer Industry:
2014 Today’s Parent Approved
2013 CES Innovation Award
2011 Kids First Award

Unique Partner of NAESP

NAESPVINCI Education is an unique early childhood partner of National Association of Elementary Principals (NAESP). Together, we advocate for an integrated program which helps parents and teachers to grow their children in a systematic way. the universal pre-K program, and for educators to learn strategies, gain competences in order to help young children to succeed in school and beyond.

Meet the Founder

aboutVINCI_DanDr. Dan D. Yang is the founder of VINCI Education, and the Creator of VINCI Blended Learning.

After a successful career as teacher, scientist, and entrepreneur in the fiber networking industry, inspired by her then-toddler daughter who was addicted to her iPad, Dr. Yang created VINCI Education to transform how young children are educated.

The idea is simple: if young children love mobile devices, instead of fighting against their will, we might as well create a learning structure, based on brain science and academic standards, so that the games – the lessons can be inter-connected with traditional teaching.
Guided by a world class cognitive scientists such as Professor George E. Forman of UMass (Amherst), Professor Tricia Striano of Hunter College (New York), and incorporating systematic series of actions to advance children on the learning ladder, VINCI game-based Curriculum was born.