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ClassVINCI Blended Learning

1. Talk to Your VINCI Blended Learning Expert (BLE)

During the discussion, VINCI BLE will ask questions related to your existing curriculum and course plan, as well as the subject areas you would like to be assisted with – Language Arts, Early Math, Early Science. If you don’t have an existing curriculum, VINCI BLE will share with you the ClassVINCI Curriculum & Course Plan.

2. Curriculum Mapping & Lesson Plan

After understanding your needs and what you are using as existing curriculum, our VINCI BLE will discuss with our internal education experts and come back to you with a suggested lesson plan, mapped to your courses, which consists of a series of game-based lessons on VINCI Tabs, supplementing books by VINCI and/or 3rd party publishers, and activity plan (if you use the theme-based teaching method), along with a suggested pricing model.

3. Pricing

ClassVINCI Blended Learning is accessible. Our mission is to give every child the best chance to succeed. There are 2 possible ways to implement ClassVINCI Blended Learning in your classroom: purchase or subscribe.

The purchasing option provides you with ownership of tablets, curriculum content, as well as additional supplementary materials.

With ClassVINCI subscription, you’ll receive tablets, curriculum content, the learning management service, access to VINCI Kids Library, and unlimited update on both the tablets and content. You’ll also bypass the large up-front investment. At the end of each subscription term, you will be able to choose to renew at a preferred price, or terminate the subscription with the return of all the materials.

4. Implementation & Training

With each ClassVINCI Blended Learning implementation agreement, our implementation team will provide a set consisting of an implementation guide and a training session with all the participating teachers. A separate training will be provided to parents who are invited to participate in the blended learning program. At VINCI, we believe families should be deeply involved in each child’s education. And so, ClassVINCI Blended Learning program invites parents to join forces, to not only understand how to best use technology for their children’s learning at home, but also learn how to use ClassVINCI Learning Management parent portal to monitor and track their children’s progress.

5. Assessment & Periodic Review

As ClassVINCI Blended Learning is designed to achieve results, periodically, your VINCI BLE will visit you and discuss results, reports and findings, enabled by ClassVINCI Learning Management and/or your own assessment. Lesson plan and activity suggestions may be fine-tuned to better suit your needs.
Typical review frequency is bi-weekly for the first month, and quarterly thereafter.
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