Water PlayIt’s Their Future

Let’s face it. You are not sure about how well your child will be doing in school. Now you can gain that confidence by preparing early. VINCI Virtual Preschool is a subscription based service. Use your own device or order one from VINCI Store to receive lesson plans, books and activity guides.

Real Teacher

Navigate the uncertainty of early childhood with the help from a trained and specialized teacher. Each of our teachers have at least ECE (Early Childhood Education) degree. Most of them graduated from teacher colleges with real life experience in daycare centers and schools. Our head teachers have additional Montessori and Educational Technology training.

Virtual Teacher18 Month to 3 Yrs: Practical Life & Sensory Experience

Every week, you receive weekly lesson plan including activities, books and games as well as a lesson guide. You use a game to introduce a concept, such as “Same or Different”, read the included books on a daily basis to reinforce, and use designed activities such as playing sand and water to help your child to master the concept. The lesson plans integrate Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches such as you interact with your child in a more purposeful way.
Subscription based, you can use your own device or purchase VINCI tablet to receive lesson related content. When VINCI tablets are used, you save time (and hassle) for installation, as content is pushed directly to your child’s tablet. The average time your child will be playing a learning game is 30 minutes a week.

4 Yrs +: Get Ready for School Challenge

By 5 yrs old, most of states require kindergarten students to comply with standards such as the Common Core. The preparation needs to start when your child is 4, if not earlier. VINCI Virtual School provides you with a ready-to-go curriculum to make your time more effective, with the structured lessons and with the focus on building literacy and math skills while broaden knowledge on science.

Game-Based Learning Curriculum

The latest brain science has taught us that Emotional stability and happiness are the pre-conditions for young children to learn. Game-based learning keeps tedious tasks fun, and provides children the incentive to try hard.

VINCI Education is the winner of CODIE 2014 for “The Best Game-based Curriculum”, by the American Software and Information Industry’s Association.

Watch the video here to see how these kindergartners changed their view on math learning.


Reading with Little Books

Young children should build that habit of reading 1 or 2 books a week. They can be read to, or read together with their parents. VINCI Education’s Little Books, designed to match Lexile Leveled Reading, brings your toddler and preschool children to the wonderland of animals, science, geography, culture, and move your child on the scale of literacy from letters and sounds to a confident reader.

Progress Tracking

Parents track the progress against state Early Childhood Education standard or Common Core standard for Math and Language Art. See more details at Analytics & LMS.